38. Psycho

Sex, murder, mental health, incest, …. maybe masturbation?
Yep, must be Psycho! Is Norman sympathetic? How much trivia is trivial? A dramatic reading, an apology to a friend from college, and a potentially unpopular opinion about if the movie is worth the hype. PLUS, a rousing discussion of phallic objects. Enjoy!

Special Crossover Episode!

What’s better than an episode of Pages and Popcorn Podcast? What’s better than an episode of Ghosthropology?
A crossover episode, of course!

3. The Wolfe House

Matt tells the wonderful story of a haunted (but sadly demolished) house in Fresno County, California and then discusses the interesting intersection of advertising. commerce, and the paranormal.

Promotional Fun

We are excited to announce that our First Ever Podcast Commercial will air during the Shadow Circus’s Halloween Event, The Void Beyond The Veil on Oct 28th.

We Have A Store!

So far there are only a few items, but I am sure there will be more down the road. Buying our stuff helps suppoort our podcasts, and our products make great holiday gifts! Let us know… what sort of Pages and Popcorn Podcast, Ghosthropology Podcast, or other related items you might want to see. AndContinue reading “We Have A Store!”

37. Fahrenheit 451

Join Jennifer and Kaylia for a discussion of the classic Fahrenheit 451 (1953 novel and 1966 movie). We discuss censorship, the difference between knowledge and expertise, the hypocrisy of Bradbury, and whether the two trouble makers in the movie were gay or just bros. Also a supplemental interview with an English teacher AND a bitContinue reading “37. Fahrenheit 451”

2. Satanic Music

Matt shares the tales of three musicians said to have satanic connections – only one of them is a rock star. If you thought that moral panics over demonic music started with heavy metal, wait until you hear about one of the Delta Blues’ greatest guitarists and Classical Violin’s original bad boy.


Howdy! If you listen to any of the Pages and Popcorn Podcast’s back catalog starting October 1st, 2020, you will hear a special note at the top of each episode. However, I wanted to make that “special note” public and known to everyone. It turns out that when I started this podcast, I got someContinue reading “Remastered”

Big News!

Well, here we go! /gulp Big Announcement Time! Or rather… 4 big announcements. 1: There is a new Kaylia Metcalfe Website. After years of drama, I finally have the rights to my own name again. Whew! This was perfect timing as I needed to update my website to make sure it includes all the things I do.Continue reading “Big News!”

1. Fifty Berkeley Square

The story of Fifty Berkeley Square gave Matt the creeps when he was a kid. Despite losing the book in which he originally found the story, it stuck with him for over 30 years. Join Matt as he recounts the many versions of this oddly familiar tale followed by a brief discussion about what made this story work and endure.


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