11. The Other London Bridge (Arizona)

The story of London Bridge, Arizona, would be weird enough without any supernatural elements. But, then, it wouldn’t be in a Ghosthropology episode. Hear the tale of how a London landmark ended up in the land of cowboys, and consider whether the ghost of Jack the Ripper has been forcibly relocated to the American Southwest.

45. Charlotte’s Web

Kaylia and her special guest (8-year-old Ella) discuss the classic Charlotte’s Web, the classic 1973 Charlotte’s Web, and then the 2006 Charlotte’s Web… is it also destined to be a classic? What changes from book to movie to movie worked? Which changes didn’t? Is it cool to talk about death so much in a kid’s book or is it ok because of the songs and cuteness? All this and more in our episode!

10. London Bridge (London)

Matt discusses the history and hauntings of the London Bridge site in London, England. The stories associated with the site range from profound, yet disturbing, to creepy and silly, but all are part of the folklore tapestry of an old and storied city bridge.

44. Good Morning, Midnight / The Midnight Sky

Jennifer and Kaylia revisit a book neither of them liked the first time around because they both love George Clooney and in his infinite wisdom, he has made a movie based on that book. They have a lot of thoughts.

9. These Tales That People Tell Me

Strange as it may seem to many people today, sharing ghost stories used to be an important part of the Christmas celebration. In hopes of restarting this tradition, in this episode Matt shares tales told to him by co-workers, friends, and even a particularly chatty convenience store clerk.

43. A Christmas Story

Jennifer and Kaylia take on the classic A Christmas Story. We ask the burning questions: is Ralphie a sociopath? What is the name of his mother? Leg Lamp: tacky or brilliant? And does this very boomer movie still work for today’s audiences? You might not be able to escape the movie, but should you bother with the book?

8. The Spirits of Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island, part of California’s Channel Island Chain, is host to ghost stories that inform us about California’s history and misconceptions regarding that history. Matt tells some tall tales and a couple of genuinely creepy stories. Plus you get to hear about the time that Matt went out on a dare to confront a spirit.

42. Hillbilly Elegy

Kaylia and Jennifer solve the problems of the working poor not through religion or education but through stricter domestic violence laws and exposure to other cultures. No, not really. But wouldn’t that be nice? What we actually do is try to find the kernels of good stuff in the book and movie, bemoan the lack of Mamaw and Lindsey’s stories, and trumpet the awesomeness of Planned Parenthood. Hillbilly Elegy: Book and movie… are they worth your time?

7. Two Haunted California Highways

Matt has spent far too many hours of his life driving on two California roads – Highway 152 between Monterey and Fresno, and Highway 246 in Santa Barbara County. Turns out that his commute time should have been way more interesting than it actually was. Now he feels a bit cheated. He’ll tell you why in this episode.


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