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I’m Matthew Armstrong: mild-mannered workaday archaeologist by day. However, in the dark of night, I change into a spookiness-crazed ghost story aficionado. 

My wife Kaylia is also my producer and the host of the Pages and Popcorn Podcast, and we have a precocious eight-year old, who can be heard declaring the spookiness of each show at the end.

Unlike many other paranormal podcasters, I make no claim to esoteric knowledge, psychic ability, or any other such thing. I’m just a guy who likes creepy stories. I hope you like them to. If you have a story to share, be it your own experience, a local legend, or something that a friend told you, please feel free to share it at If there’s enough there to connect it to some broader themes or ideas, then I may feature it on the show.

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S003: Supplemental: The Monterey Waterfront Ghosthropology

In another special supplemental episode, recorded near the beginning of the year, Matt returns to Monterey in search of the ghost of the Chinese Fisherman featured in Episode 15. Along the way, he talks about how our views of history can be both reflected and distorted by the landscape as we walk through it. Full sources and show notes at Support us on Patreon: Find us on Facebook: KMMA_Media on Facebook: KMMA_Media on Instagram: Support us via Buy Us A Coffee:
  1. S003: Supplemental: The Monterey Waterfront
  2. 41. The First Ghosts (Interview With Dr. Irving Finkel)
  3. S002 Field Notes From Monetrey
  4. 40. USS Hornet (Interview With Laura Fies)
  5. 39. Roman Ghosts of Britain
  6. 38. The Winchester Mystery House
  7. 37. Interview With Dr. Alena Pirok
  8. 36. The Lalaurie House, New Orleans
  9. 35. Poveglia Island, Italy
  10. 34. Interview With Sara Head

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