Summer Watch 2021: Shadow And Bone

Shadow and Bone

Summer Watch… what?

Because we like books and talking so much, we decided to try something new this year… a Summer Watch series where we pick a book that has been adapted for the small screen in miniseries (or short season) form to talk about in a longer, but hopefully fun, manner.

This year… Shadow and Bone!

We have 10 episodes devoted to this lark of ours. Episode 1 will be a discussion of Shadow and Bone (Book Only), Episodes 2-9 will be recorded LIVE each Tuesday night (starting on June 22nd) to discuss the 8 episode miniseries on Netflix -with the episodes popping into your feed on Wednesdays-, and Episode 10 will be our grand compare/contrast book vs miniseries.


And yes… we plan to keep up our biweekly regular book vs film episodes as well. No rest for the wicked, right?

In case you don’t know… Shadow and Bone is a young adult fantasy adventure and debut novel written by Israeli-American author Leigh Bardugo. It was published by Macmillan Publishers on June 5, 2012. The novel is narrated by Alina Starkov, a teenage orphan who grows up in the Russia-inspired land of Ravka when, unexpectedly harnessing a power she never knew in order to save her childhood best friend, she becomes a target of intrigue and violence. It is the first book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, followed by Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising. It is also the namesake and basis for Netflix adaptation, Shadow and Bone, which premiered in April 2021.

LIVE Discussion Recordings

Each Tuesday at 8pm (June 22nd through August 10th) we are going to do a LIVE recording of our discussion about the next episode of the show.

And… we are inviting you to participate. That’s right. If you log into our zoom meeting, you can share your thoughts about the episode we are discussing. We will ask that you not go past the episode we are talking about, trying to stay a tiny bit spoiler-free, and that you don’t act the fool or be any sort of troll. 

Zoom Info

Tuesdays June 22nd – August 10th

8pm (PST)

Meeting ID: 846 5469 8138
Passcode: 683510

All 10 of our recorded Summer Watch episodes are going to be in our regular feed and also live on this page… so check back for updates or more information.


We love to hear from you. We have monthly Pop-In events, and you can always reach us at

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Shadow and Bone (Book Only)

Jennifer and Kaylia kick off our fun 2021 Summer Watch series with this discussion of Shadow and Bone (Book Only).

We talk love triangles, exposition highs and lows, and the pull of evil men in leather pants. Enjoy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E1: A Searing Burst of Light)

Jennifer, Kaylia, and Heather kick off our fun 2021 Summer Watch series with this discussion of the first episode of Shadow and Bone Major topics: The Fold, the shifting timelines, and the racism. Please note: this episode was recorded live and has been uploaded with no editing. Enjoy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E2: Everyone Is Someone’s Monster)

Summer Watch 2021 continues with Episode 2 of Shadow and Bone: “Everyone Is Someone’s Monster”… a title we don’t really jive with. But we do jive with the Darkling, Inej, Jasper, and the magic vs technology fight scene. Enjoy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E3: “The Making at the Heart of the World”)

Join Kaylia, Jennifer, and Heather for our discussion about costumes, the cuteness of goats, the frustration of the lack of questions, and what might be TV’s most annoying letter writing montage flashback recap ever. Plus some Harry Potter trivia and plenty of Star Trek jokes to make everyone happy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E4: “Otkazat’sya”)

Join Kaylia, Jennifer, Heather, and Kat for a discussion of Otkazat’sya (which we define). We also talk about plot theories, plot holes, costumes, and our undying love for Inej, Jasper, and Milo the goat. Plus torture and references to cats! Enjoy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E5: “Show Me Who You Are”)

Our discussion of Episode 5: Show Me Who You Are aka “Show Me A Roll In The Hay” features Kaylia, Jennifer, Heather, and Kat talking about spy networks, what smolders and what doesn’t, the ongoing mysteries of Grisha vs Non-Grisha politics, military dramas, and multiple murders! Plus, obviously, a wonderful roll in the hay when all the various timelines (well, most of them anyway) merge at the prom, errr, I mean party. Enjoy!

Shadow and Bone (S1E6: “The Heart Is An Arrow”)

Aka Choking on the Darkness

We talk about the cleavage-y spy powers of Nina, the complexities of power dynamics, the frustration of YA tropes (and bad dialogue), and how one chokes on darkness… (vastly different than choking on the Darkling/”Call Me Alexander”) Plus… just how impressive is a mile?


Shadow and Bone (S1E7: “The Unsea”)

Our fab foursome talks about terrorism, revolution, the disappointing lack of Nina, just how bad of a soldier/pawn Alina was (is?), the joyful return of Milo, and the teen angst overtones of Call Me Darkling and his poofy teenage hair. Plus a Firefly tirade and the invention of a Mal-getting-wounded drinking game.


Shadow and Bone (S1E8: “No Mourners”)

Join the awesome foursome of Heather, Jennifer, Kat, and Kaylia for the Shadow and Bone Season 1 Finale where we talk about the wrapping up (mostly) of the storylines in this YA fantasy as well as such thrilling topics as… Nuts! Leslie Knope! Our collective desire for gore and destruction! The fun of renaming bad guys after Pokemon! And the danger of judging something by its trailer (Black Snake Moan, anyone?). Thank you for listening!

76. Death on the Nile PagesAndPopcornPodcast

  1. 76. Death on the Nile
  2. 75. Man Called Ove/Otto
  3. 74. The Dig
  4. 73. My Policeman
  5. 72. The Quiet Boy / Antlers
  6. 71. The Exorcist (Crossover Episode w/ Ghosthropology)
  7. S011 The "What Happened?" Episode
  8. 70. Dream Story / Eyes Wide Shut
  9. 69. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (All 4 Versions!)
  10. 68. Howl's Moving Castle

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