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In The Ghosthropology Podcast, host Matt tells ghost stories, folklore, and tales of the weird followed by a discussion of what makes them interesting from an anthropologist’s perspective.

Hosted by Matthew Armstrong

Produced by Kaylia Metcalfe

Pages and Popcorn

Pages and Popcorn Podcast Kaylia and the team talk about movies that are based on books as well as the original source material. We answer the age-old question: Which version is worth your time? (Could it be both?)

Hosted by Kaylia Metcalfe and the PPP Team of Awesome.

Produced by Kaylia Metcalfe

Coming Soon

I Dream of King: A Stephen King Podcast

Join Kaylia and Sarah as they discuss the works (both books and films) of Stephen King.

Coming 2023

Super UN-Natural

A long-time fan and a newbie with some special folklore knowledge team up to watch and discuss the first five seasons of Supernatural.

Coming 2023

On the horizon…

Fletcher Explains It All

Fletcher is a gnome who is tired of all this “fake news” and wants to set the record straight. He is going to tell you the truth behind whales, the “Big Bone” industry, what really lives under the hills in San Francisco… and much much more.

Coming 2024


A podcast for women who must balance too many F-n things. Fitness, Food, Family, Friends, Faith, Fucking, Fun, Finances… and more!

Coming whenever the team is fully assembled.

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