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Supplemental Episodes

S10 Sherlock Holmes Discussion

Jennifer and Kaylia talk about Sherlock holmes… so many different versions of Sherlock Holmes! Cartoon versions, women versions, anime versions, futuristic versions…. Versions with cleft chins! Jennifer has a bone to pick with Moffat / Cumberbatch and Kaylia doesn’t really “get” the fun of watching a smart jerk be a jerk. We hope you enjoy this supplemental episode!

S09 Best/Worst Books 2020

Most people do their yearly wrap of best/worst in December, but we think it is better to wait until January. And then to wait until after ALL the holidays. And then to wait until the holiday decorations are down.

But at last… here it is. Kaylia and Jennifer talking about the best and worst books they read in 2020(ish)

Here is the blog post with links.

S08 A Christmas Supplemental: A Christmas Story LIVE (2017)

In this very special Christmas Supplemental, Jennifer and Kaylia talk about the 2017 live television musical event: A Christmas Story LIVE.

One of us loved this episode. One of us… not so much.

We talk about nostalgia, the struggles of adaptations, how many of the characters were changed for the better, and how this production sidestepped one type of racism… but was it in favor of a different kind?

Happy Holidays!

S07 Conversation With Paleontologist Ali Nabavizadeh

In this special supplemental episode, Kaylia gets to talk to a real-life paleontologist about Jurassic Park. 

Thank you to our special guest Ali Nabavizadeh @Vert_Anatomist

We talk about the bunny hands of the raptors, the lack of feathers on the T-Rex and Ali explains why Kaylia is totally justified in her fear of birds who are, in fact, dinosaurs! 

Here are some sources used:

The Jurassic Foundation

How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds

S06 Fahrenheit 451… The 2018 Version

In this supplemental episode, we discuss the HBO 2018 version of Fahrenheit 451. Did this movie do a good job, or did it both muddy the concept and water down the things that made the original work. We discuss the rise of emojis as language, the complexity of the Beatty father figure, and how messed up it all is that birds are going to save humanity… somehow…

Plus the full Sally interview and some relevant Star Trek points!

Here are some sources used:

S05 Voices From the Trail (A PCT/Wild Supplemental)

In this very special supplemental episode we talk with Justin and Michael, two PCT hikers, about their experiences on the PCT. Also, Kaylia gives some cool PCT trivia, accidentally makes a dirty joke, and refrains from all wilderness/hiking puns. (Actually, that last bit is a lie.) Enjoy!

S04 Saving Mr. Banks

Join Jennifer and Kaylia as we find another excuse to talk about Mary Poppins… this time by discussing the 2013 film about the making of the 1964 classic. Well, sort of about that. Enjoy!

S03 Mary Poppins Returns

Enjoy this Supplemental Episode where we talk about the 2018 movie Mary Poppins Returns. We talk about what worked, what didn’t, the trouble with “updating” a classic, and the missed opportunities to tie the themes all together. Enjoy!

S02 Worst Books 2018

We know you want to know… Here is our list of books we read in 2018 that we didn’t like. Are they the absolute worst books? Well, we didn’t like them, but you very well might. Feel free to disagree!

S01 Best Books of 2018

Our picks for the “best” books we read in 2018. Not all of them were published in 2018, but all of them were highly enjoyed… at least by us! We want to hear your favorites too!

Feel free to reach out!

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