50 Episode Celebration!

Guess what… The Pages and Popcorn Podcast is going to hit 50 Episodes in a few weeks. 

50 Episodes!


That’s right… By the end of this month, we will have made 50 book vs movie podcast episodes and 10 supplemental episodes! (More on the supplemental episodes in a sec)


Next month we will be recording a little “50 Episode Retrospective” but for right now I just want to say… thank you so much to those of you who have been listening along for the past two years. (And thank you to our new listeners too!)

We want to celebrate in style. Here is what you can look forward to!

 Sticker Giveaways!

  • Attend our next Monthly Pop-In Event (March 29th, 7pm PST on zoom) and you will be gifted an awesome PPP sticker!
  • Join our Patreon (details below) and get… a free sticker! Current patrons… yep, you get one too! Stickers for everyone!

PLUS: Enter to win an awesome swag bag of goodies (stickers, merch, books!)

  • One entry for every Patron (current or new, must be signed up before April 6th)
  • One entry for every social media share of one of our episode posts. The more posts you share, the more entries you get! Make sure you tag us so we can give credit! Facebook: KMMAMedia or PagesandPopcornPodcast Shares on our Twitter or our Instagram count too!
  • One entry for every review left on Apple Podcasts. (We hope they are positive reviews, but we won’t censor you.)
  • FIVE entries when you fill out our Feedback Survey (That’s the big one… we really want to hear from you about how we are doing!)

So… go forth… share, survey, attend,… and again… thank you so much for listening! 

We can’t wait to make 50 more!

Supplementals and Patreon:

We used to put our supplemental episodes behind a paywall. But no more! We are going to be releasing our back catalog supplemental episodes to everyone!

Starting Right Now you can listen to all our supplemental episodes over on our Support And Extras Page. We will also be releasing them into the general feed starting at the end of Morch (2021)

Of course, our Patrons will get early access to these as well as early access to all our episodes. And, as I said above, all Patrons signed up by April 6th get a FREE Pages and Popcorn Sticker!

Pretty groovy, right?

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