Dear Pages and Popcorn listeners,

When we started out… well, we weren’t sure what we were doing. 

We made the occasional supplemental episode and we made it only accessible to our patrons. 

Which was nice for the patrons, but really left everyone else out.

Over the years, we have changed a lot of aspects of how we do our podcast…. We have added a spoiler warning to the episodes… we have changed from using audio from the movies (illegally!) to using transitional music recorded right here at Metstrong Manor… we have changed how often and where the show notes for the episodes live… and most recently we have added in the time stamps for the recaps. 

There have been other tweaks along the way and we really appreciate everyone who has listened over the years and who has given us feedback. (If YOU want to give us feedback on our first 50 episodes, feel free to do so HERE!)

Our latest tweak is to make our supplemental episodes available to everyone.

We don’t have a very large back catalog of supplementals, but what we do have is going to be released starting on the Fridays before the next regular episode (starting on April 9th) until we catch up with our back catalog and then progressing from there probably on a different schedule. Again, tweaking as we go.

Just a heads up then, you are going to get what feels like random things in your feed for a bit. There is a best and worst book list from 2018, that’s two episodes, there are 2 Mary Poppins related episodes, there is a Wild supplemental where we talk about the actual PCT trail with some actual hikers…. A discussion of the HBO version of Fahrenheit 451 and even a conversation with a real life paleontologist that connects to our episode about Jurassic Park. And a few others as well. 

And yes, I will be making more future supplements that will pop into your feeds when they are done. My hope is once a month after we work through the back catalog… but we shall see.  

If there is a subject that you think would make for an interesting supplemental, feel free to drop me a line at or utilize the feedback survey or drop into our monthly pop-in events, every final Monday of the month at 7pm Pacific on zoom and let us know.

All our supplementals do live on our website under the support and extras tab which you can find HERE.

Again, thank you all for listening!

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