It’s A Queer Thang – April 2023 Episode 2

Just a heads up… we are expanding our podcast to twice a month. Episode 1 will be released around the first Friday of the month and will be recorded ahead of time to allow us to feature more interviews and fun. Episode 2 will be released around the third Friday of the month and will continue to be recorded live at KFCF Fresno 88.1

April 2023 Episode 2

Join us on this episode with our guests Katrina and Emilee, authors of My Cat Fred Wears A Skirt, Pastor Bill Knezovich of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Fresno, Lara from Out Loud Sports, and interviews from the abortion rally in Fresno by Planned Parenthood.

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Show notes:…Caps%2C185&sr=8-1…z-ENEkKf4QgIjwWs…od-mar-monte

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