13. Gef The Talking Mongoose

This episode’s story is a bit of an oddity. It’s not quite a ghost story…but also not quite something else. The entity – commonly known as Gef the Talking Mongoose is said to have claimed to be a variety of things, ranging from an extra-clever mongoose from India to a spirit to…something else strange, but not completely defined. Matt and, special guest, Dave talk about Gef, what he probably was, and why it matters… or does it?

11. The Other London Bridge (Arizona)

The story of London Bridge, Arizona, would be weird enough without any supernatural elements. But, then, it wouldn’t be in a Ghosthropology episode. Hear the tale of how a London landmark ended up in the land of cowboys, and consider whether the ghost of Jack the Ripper has been forcibly relocated to the American Southwest.

8. The Spirits of Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island, part of California’s Channel Island Chain, is host to ghost stories that inform us about California’s history and misconceptions regarding that history. Matt tells some tall tales and a couple of genuinely creepy stories. Plus you get to hear about the time that Matt went out on a dare to confront a spirit.