6. The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

First… the 1979 book by the much loved Douglas Adams! Then the 2005 movie starring Watson and New Girl.

In this episode, we disagree. Occasionally we disagree with volume. No friendships were damaged in the making of this episode.


In this episode we take on the highly difficult task of discussing the movie based on Jennifer’s favorite book. Of course, we talk about the book too… a book which Kaylia didn’t really care for. Yes, you read that right. Join us as we argue about changes, love, fly swatters, and the acceptability of wrong direction gags.

I… had no research notes for this episode.


Trigger warnings: violence, animal death, human / alien death, suicide, depression, mental health as butt of an joke (Marvin). Also, apologies for the frequent use of the word “crazy pants” I, Kaylia, am working on updating my language. It’s a process.

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