39. Amityville Horror

The story about abusive relationships, fighting against changing cultural norms, the victory of the self-sufficient American hero, the rejection of authority, and eschewing of the very institutions that should be able to make sense of the supernatural world… And a giant pig.

That’s right, it’s our very special crossover Halloween episode: The Amityville Horror!

37. Fahrenheit 451

Join Jennifer and Kaylia for a discussion of the classic Fahrenheit 451 (1953 novel and 1966 movie). We discuss censorship, the difference between knowledge and expertise, the hypocrisy of Bradbury, and whether the two trouble makers in the movie were gay or just bros. Also a supplemental interview with an English teacher AND a bitContinue reading “37. Fahrenheit 451”

36. The Mountain Between Us

Join us for a slightly truncated conversation about The Mountain Between Us. Book: Hey look, a perfect man shows off how stellar he is by taking care of an enfeebled woman while grieving for the totally unnecessary death of his wife and there is a lot of snow. Movie: Hey look, two well rounded charactersContinue reading “36. The Mountain Between Us”

35. From Lost To Found On The PCT aka Wild

Jennifer and Kaylia discuss Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail). Join us as we compare it to another White Woman on Walkabout novel and attempt to find the beauty and the flaws in the book and film adaptation. Spoilers: Kaylia hates nature and Jennifer hates when people sexually objectify others! Also,Continue reading “35. From Lost To Found On The PCT aka Wild”

33. King Solomon’s Mines

Join Kaylia and Matthew as they discuss the racism, classism, misogyny, and homo-eroticism of the 1885 novel and the 2004 miniseries. Yeah, we went full Hallmark channel on this one… and yes, we explain why. Plus the obligatory Star Trek shout out, an overabundance of ambushes, and Chekhov’s gun(shot wound). Enjoy! You might notice thatContinue reading “33. King Solomon’s Mines”