23. Practical Magic

Alice Hoffman’s novel Practical Magic and the splashy Hollywood movie adaptation made three years later get the PPP treatment in our latest episode. Join Kaylia and special guest Cyndal as they discuss the magic, the practical steps the sisters could have taken, what the movie/book got right (and oh so wrong) about pagans and witches, and why you should never cut your hand with some rando’s pocket knife.

A few show notes:

Find Cyndal on her Instagram or her Facebook.

A word we say a few times but don’t define: (sorry, but the episode was already SO LONG) Hermeticism. Here’s the wiki page for it!

That book Cyndal mentioned? Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life by Shakti Gawain

Other sources:

Newton’s 3rd law of attraction “To every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” 

“Is it possible that the laws of physics apply to magic too?  Again and again, in the course of these pages, attempts to control and manipulate have unintended consequences—and invariably backfire on the instigators. The lovesick end up sick of love.  The seers cannot see their own future.  And what’s buried, no matter how deeply in the ground, rises to the top. ” 



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