If you listen to any of the Pages and Popcorn Podcast’s back catalog starting October 1st, 2020, you will hear a special note at the top of each episode.

However, I wanted to make that “special note” public and known to everyone.

It turns out that when I started this podcast, I got some incorrect information regarding copyright law and fair use policy. After nearly two years of making content, this oversight was brought to my attention. There was mild panic, lots of guilt, and then a few fervent nights of doing research.

We might exist in this gray, nebulous area for critique and commentary, and thus our use of the teeny tiny bit of the music soundtracks from the movies we are critiquing and commenting on might be allowable. But then again, it might not. So, a few things.

One, I don’t wanna be a jerk. Even accidentally.

Two, I think it’s important to acknowledge when you mess up.

But three, acknowledging when you mess up isn’t enough. You have to rectify the situation whenever possible.

And guess what! It’s totally possible to go back into those old episodes and clip out the potentially illegal bit of audio and replace it with a bit of music created just for me by the same composer who made us our theme music.

Which is what I did.

And because I can’t help but tinker just a smidge, I cleaned up a bit of audio noise while I was in there. It didn’t seem fair that people finding our back catalog years from now should suffer because, in 2019, I hadn’t found the “noise reduction” button yet.

I did NOT redo the whole editing process… I so do not have that sort of time, but I did insert the new transition music at the beginning and end of the episodes and put the little bonus bits on the end after a music bump.

It was actually fun to hear these old episodes. It made me nostalgic for the days when Jennifer and I recorded at the same table, it reminded me of some in-jokes that have fallen along the wayside, and it made me cringe a bit regarding my lack of technical knowledge. (Especially Ready Player One… yikes… I might need to just redo that whole episode, sorry Keith!)

One more quick thing. We are trying to get a bit more polished and professional with this podcast. So, not only will we be utilizing our new legal transitional music, but we will also be adding content notes to our episodes and fleshing out our show notes as well.

AND we have a new website for the podcast. It’s so pretty! Each episode has its own entry with the show notes and a way to listen directly. You don’t need a fancy phone or to subscribe to anything. Just point and click!


I can’t wait to see how the next two years of this little podcast bring!

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