Big News!

Well, here we go!


Big Announcement Time! Or rather… 4 big announcements.

1: There is a new Kaylia Metcalfe Website. After years of drama, I finally have the rights to my own name again. Whew!

This was perfect timing as I needed to update my website to make sure it includes all the things I do. you know… copy editing, audio editing, content creating, etc … oh and a whole NEW thing I do…

2: Today I launch my latest adventure… The KMMA Media Podcast Network. This network is for podcasts that “encourage curiosity and laughter.” 

Right now I am producing the two podcasts in the network. I hope to add other original content in the coming months. If YOU have a podcast idea and want to team up, please let me know!

Speaking of podcasts I am producing…

3: You probably know about the Pages and Popcorn Podcast that I have been hosting and producing for almost two years. But have you heard about the Ghosthropology Podcast that just launched?

In The Ghosthropology Podcast, host Matt tells ghost stories, folklore, and tales of the weird followed by a discussion of what makes them interesting from an anthropologist’s perspective. The first episode (Fifty Berkeley Square) is live TODAY so make sure you check it out.

4. But wait… there’s more! There are several other podcasts in pre-production right now. 

In the coming months look for a podcast that features a know-it-all gnome named Fletcher, a podcast about women trying to balance too many f-n things, a podcast about how people can be good without God, a podcast about two bumbling travelers who keep finding themselves in amazing places… 

And again, if you have a podcast idea but need help with the technical side of things (scripts, recording, editing, production, etc) let me know. 

There are actually a few more exciting things I want to share with everyone, but this post has gotten long enough and, let’s face it, making 4 big announcements in one day is pretty, well, big!

One last thing before I go. Here are some useful links.

Pages and Popcorn on Facebook

Ghosthropology on Facebook

KMMA Media on Facebook

(This post is crossposted so you might see it more than once.)

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