37. Fahrenheit 451

Join Jennifer and Kaylia for a discussion of the classic Fahrenheit 451 (1953 novel and 1966 movie). We discuss censorship, the difference between knowledge and expertise, the hypocrisy of Bradbury, and whether the two trouble makers in the movie were gay or just bros. Also a supplemental interview with an English teacher AND a bit of trivia about Playboy magazine! Enjoy! 

Fahrenheit 451 the dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury, was first published in 1953. Often regarded as one of his best works, the novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found.

It was adapted for the screen in the 1960s and became the 1966 British dystopian drama film directed by François Truffaut which stared Julie Christie, Oskar Werner, and Cyril Cusack.

This Pages and Popcorn Podcast episode was produced by Kaylia Metcalfe and featured “Pages and Popcorn Podcast Theme” / M.D. Arms

Show Notes and Sources:

Dover Beach by Matthew Aarnold

Opiate of the masses


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Climate Change Video

That time the book 1984 got removed from devices…

Banned Books Week

Who was “Little Dorrit”? Oh… and scroll down to see the famous names who were part of its many adaptations.

Your vocab word of the day: Bowdlerize 

TERF / JK Rowling and the Disappointing Stance on Trans Rights

Eza Pound

List of allusions https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/451/allusions/

Other Sources:







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