8. The Spirits of Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island, part of California’s Channel Island Chain, is host to ghost stories that inform us about California’s history and misconceptions regarding that history. Matt tells some tall tales and a couple of genuinely creepy stories. Plus you get to hear about the time that Matt went out on a dare to confront a spirit.

This episode was written by Matthew Armstrong with music by Matthew Armstrong and production assistance from Kaylia Metcalfe.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

Show Notes:

 The Conflict Between the California Indian and White Civilization

Christy Ranch


San Clemente Island

The Channel Islands

Santa Cruz Island

Arlington Springs Man (Woman) aka the oldest known human skeleton in North America

Richard Senate

Chumash People

Justinian Caire

Hammer Horror Films known for over the top gothic horror movies

Junipero Serra (Saint or… Not?)








Prisoner’s Harbor

Other references

Cooke, Sherburne F. 1976. The Conflict Between the Calfiornia Indian and White Civilization. University of California Press, Los Angeles, CA. 
Senate, Richard L. 1986. Ghosts of the Haunted Coast. Pathfinder Publishing, Channel Islands, CA.

Music in this episode was preformed by Matt Armstrong.

If you have a story about a ghost, some bit of folklore, or anyting else you want to share, please contact me.

Photo credit: Wood photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com

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