44. Good Morning, Midnight / The Midnight Sky

Good Morning, Midnight is the 2016 novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton. It was adapted into the 2020 film The Midnight Sky starring (and directed by) George Clooney.

Jennifer and Kaylia revisit a book neither of them liked the first time around because they both love George Clooney and in his infinite wisdom, he has made a movie based on that book. Will they join the masses of people who love this book? Did the movie do it justice or make it better? Was there a transformational moment or just a lot of flashbacks? In the end… is this a beak bummer book and movie or is there something profound hidden in all the exposition and special effects? Listen to our discussion of Good Morning, Midnight / The Midnight Sky to find out.

This Pages and Popcorn Podcast episode was produced by Kaylia Metcalfe and featured “Pages and Popcorn Podcast Theme” / M.D. Arms

Show Notes / Sources

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The Creation of Adam is the fourth scene in the chronological order of the Genesis fresco narrative. One of the most famous religious paintings on the ceiling, The picture illustrates the Book of Genesis story of God breathing life into Adam, the first human being. Michelangelo’s powerful image of this scene – showing the spark of life being passed from one outstretched fingertip to another – is a visual masterstroke.

Good Morning, Midnight is also the 1939 modernist novel by the author Jean Rhys. It is experimental in design and deals with a woman’s feelings of vulnerability, depression, loneliness and desperation during the years between the two World Wars.

Good Morning, Midnight

Isaac Asimov… and yes, all your faves are problematic.

Full Dickinson Poem

Children of Men

What is the Uncanny Valley?

Whether you remember him from Facts of Life or as dreamy Dr Ross from ER… THIS is young George Clooney.

This… is not.

This is Ethan Peck, who is just fine as an actor. In fact he is a damn fine version of Spock on Discovery (see, found a way to connect us to Star Trek after alll!) but as young GC? Pass.

That opening bit of Up that makes Kaylia cry every damn time.

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