52. Bastard Out Of Carolina

Join Jennifer and Kaylia for another rousing discussion. We discuss tribalism, shame (useful tool or no?), the importance of amends as part of apologies (do Annie’s “amends” cut the mustard), and what should have happened to Glen.

Bastard Out of Carolina was the 1992 debut novel of Dorothy Allison. Narrated by Ruth Anne “Bone” Boatwright, the primary conflict occurs between Bone and her mother’s husband, Glen Waddell.

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Bastard Out of Carolina is a 1996 American drama film made by Showtime Networks, directed by Anjelica Huston. It is based on the 1992 novel by Dorothy Allison and adapted for the screen by Anne Meredith. Jena Malone stars in her debut as a poor, physically abused and sexually molested girl.

In 1997 the theatrical and video releases of the film were banned by Canada’s Maritime Film Classification Board. The video was eventually granted release upon appeal.

The film won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries or a Special (Linda Lowy) and was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries or a Special (Anjelica Huston), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Special (Glenne Headly), and Outstanding Made for Television Movie (Amanda DiGiulio, Gary Hoffman).

This Pages and Popcorn Podcast episode was produced by Kaylia Metcalfe and featured “Pages and Popcorn Podcast Theme” / M.D. Arms

Book and movie recap runs from 5:55-12:52

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So, You’ve Been Publically Shamed

Naomi Novik Twitter controversy Jennifer mentioned 

Ok so I got my words a bit jumbled. The movie is Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. The reason I got flummoxed was that I had just guested on a movie review podcast for the film Push (which is a very very different sort of thing) and had a brain fart. Here are all the relevant links

Novel Push by Saphire

Film Precious– on prime- apparently affiliate links work for Prime movies too!

Podcast episode of Cheap Seat Reviews discussing the film Push where I tried to be funny and sound somewhat articulate. 

White Oleander

interview With A Vampire


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The Scarlet Letter

The Great Gatsby

Lord of the Flies

Shep on ER

Sling Blade

Kaylia’s short story collection… is called Links. You can get it in paperback or for the kindle 












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