18. Himuro Mansion

It is said that on the outskirts of Tokyo there is a haunted mansion that is cursed due to the terrifying occult rituals once practiced there. Made famous in the video game Fatal Frame, you cannot find the house on a map, but there are those who claim to have traveled to it and regret having done so. Poet and video game enthusiast, James Tyner, joins Matt to discuss this story.

This episode was written by Matthew Armstrong with music by Matthew Armstrong and production assistance from Kaylia Metcalfe.

James Tyner

Special thanks to poet, librarian, and all around cool dude James Tyner. who was the first poet laureate of Fresno.

Tyner’s poetry has appeared in multiple journals such as Avatar Review, Coal Hill Review, and Transcendence as well as anthologies such as New America and Best Contemporary American Poetry.  He has worked in libraries for 20 years and has presented panels on his library work at CLA, ALA, and PLA. You can email him at fresnopoetlaureate@gmail.com. 

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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Show Notes and Sources

Borley Rectory

Resident Evil Games

Silent Hill video game

Blair Witch Project (1999)

Curse of the Blair Witch Project (A “documentary” exploring the life of the Blair Witch and the three missing student filmmakers.)

Joseph Laycock / @joe_laycock

Amityville Horror

Dennis Waskul

Sleep paralysis 

Return of the Living Dead


The Escapist

Amino Horror

Lucille Reaper’s Wattpad Page

The Toast (this one cites my original blog entry, getting the details of the name wrong)

Penn State: All About Asia

Fatal Frame Wiki


Torture Porn / Splatter Films

The Ghosthropologist and his Good Lady Wife in Tokyo, 2009

If you have a story about a ghost, some bit of folklore, or anyting else you want to share, please contact me.

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