13. Gef The Talking Mongoose

Image By Harry Price and Richard Lambert – The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap: A Modern “Miracle” Investigated, 1936., Public Domain

This episode’s story is a bit of an oddity. It’s not quite a ghost story…but also not quite something else. The entity – commonly known as Gef the Talking Mongoose is said to have claimed to be a variety of things, ranging from an extra-clever mongoose from India to a spirit to…something else strange, but not completely defined. Matt and, special guest, Dave talk about Gef, what he probably was, and why it matters… or does it?

This episode was written by Matthew Armstrong with music by Matthew Armstrong and production assistance from Kaylia Metcalfe.

There is not currently a transcript of this episode. we apologize.

Dave Haaz-Baroque is a puppeteer and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He runs the Shadow Circus Creature Theatre and you can find more information on Shadow Circus’ FB Page, follow Dave on TikTok, find him on Instagram, and check out his videos on YouTube.

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Show Notes

Isle of Man

Harry Price

F. Martin Duncan (zoologist)

BBC Listener Magazine

R.S. Lambert (editor)

Seth Book Series

In Search Of…

Time/Life Mysteries of the Unknown

Gef’s least favorite cookie… Trefoil Cookies!

White Sands, New Mexico (Manhattan Project)

Richard Feynman (physicist)

Hungry Bear Cookie Company

Nina Conti

Early Animation (Oswald Rabbit, Felix the Cat, Bosko the Cat, Warner Brothers Animation)

Fox Sisters

Bell Witch

Monty Python

What exactly is Qanon?

Sunk Cost Fallacy


Weird Historian


The AV Club  

The Sun

Mental Floss




The Ghost in my Machine

Gef: The Eighth Wonder of the World

Gef.im – seems to take Gef as a mascot for the general oddities of the Isle of Man, and a celebration of those oddities 

Brookesmith, Peter (editor). 1984. Open Files. Orbis Publishing Ltd. London.

Swartz, Tim, Timothy Green Beckley, Hercules Inviticus, Paul Dale Roberts, Harry Price, R.S. Lambert. 2019. Gef the Talking Mongoose: “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” Inner Light – Global Communications. New Brunswick, NJ.

If you have a story about a ghost, some bit of folklore, or anyting else you want to share, please contact me.

Photo credit: Wood photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com

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