20. The Less Than Impressive

There are ghost stories that will keep you up at night in fright. There are ghost stories that make you question your most basic assumptions about the world around you. There are ghost stories that you can’t shake, no matter how far in the past they were told to you. This episode isn’t about those stories. This episode is about the ghost stories that never get invited to any ghost story parties and go somewhere to sulk. The stories in the episode aren’t good, but they are fun.

This episode was written by Matthew Armstrong with music by Matthew Armstrong and production assistance from Kaylia Metcalfe. The graphic for this post was found on laptophub.net

A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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Show Notes and Sources

Mystery Science Theater

The Twilight Zone

Gef the Talking Mongoose story.

Roger Corman

The Independent



NZ Herald

The Paranormal Database

If you have a story about a ghost, some bit of folklore, or anyting else you want to share, please contact me.

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